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The Sapphire Scientific 570

Carpet cleaning is often an expense no one likes to accept however, it is something which must be done. Genesis works to bridge the gap between these wants and needs.

Deploying the Sapphire Scientific 570, Genesis works rapidly to keep costs down, while using the most advanced carpet  cleaning quipment available in 2018.

There does not exist a more advanced piece of equipment on this planet than the Sapphire Scientific 570, to execute the process of restoring carpet. No machine out there can deliver water at the highest temperatures needed to break debris from every single fiber of carpet whilst simultaneously possessing enough suction power to pull that debris from the fibers and thus restore the carpet to nearly its original state.

At the end of the day, carpet cleaning is very simple. You blast carpet fibers with extremely hot water to knock off the soil and debris and as quickly as possible, remove the water and the subsequent soil and debris that is temporarily suspended in the water.  Carpet cleaning is simple, but very few are willing to invest in the equipment needed to do the job right.

For a quote, please call us at your convenience and we will contact you quicker than you might expect!

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