A New Beginning

In October 1997, a man, falling on his luck, down on his failed careers and down on his cleaning supplies and equipment, made a promise and a decision to change some things in the janitorial world.

21 years later, Genesis Janitorial has become one of the largest, privately owned and family operated cleaning services in the country. And we service every customer with a 100% employee-based workforce, not subcontracting work to any outside entity. Taxes are paid, employees get their wages, and our workforce is legal, bonded and insured.

Providing the workers with the tools, equipment and never-ending training, our demand from ourselves is to leave the worksite knowing we gave the task at hand all the efforts we could summon and gave the job our heart and souls in serving the customer.

This is the stick by which we measure ourselves.

This mentality and the commitment to be of more value to our customer than any other company can or is willing to do has helped grow Genesis Janitorial from that one lonely store in Athens, Ohio to a territory which extends from Arizona to Ohio and south to Georgia and every state in between. Our customers including multiple companies which are in the Top 100 Largest Business in the United States and might include the local diner down the street and the hair and nail salon across the corner.

You will not find a janitorial company who cares about your needs more than Genesis Janitorial. We give a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage. If you are seeking the lowest price as a priority in addressing your cleaning needs, please accept my thanks for your visit to the site yet, it is likely we are not the company you will choose.

We are not perfect… yet we are committed. We make mistakes… yet we make corrections.

Founded and built by our father who is no longer with us, myself and my brother desire nothing else than to continue his legacy by committing to these same core values. This is how I know we will not be outperformed, out serviced or out priced. Even if it means doing it myself. That is my promise.

  • Joe Clifton, CEO