Genesis cleans, shines, disinfects, sterilizes, strips, waxes, dusts, vacuums, scrapes, scours, sweeps, mops, scrubs, high dusts and whatever else the customer requires.

There is nothing we do not clean.

And we do it with bonded and trained workers under direct leadership and supervision to ensure customers love us.

We service 11 states 363 days of the years and clean over 50,000,000 square feet of retail, commercial and industrial facilities.

Our objective is to bring to you more service and deliver more value than any other cleaning company can – or is willing to do.

We help our customers present and maintain a clean, safe and compelling environment for their customers and employees.

Driven by a passion and guided by PRINCIPALS of integrity, Genesis has grown from a one account service in 1997, to current levels of almost 600 employees.

Our work is performed by our employees. We do not subcontract out any phase of our work. Our employees are bonded, insured and trained in both the job and in ethics regarding performance. Providing services to the world’s biggest retailers as well as the smallest diners, our experience allows you to free yourself from the hassles of cleaning and allow us to handle the work. On site supervision. 24/7 live Customer Service. Guaranteed performance. Honest and ethical business practices and a manifest to be the finest cleaning company you could every possibly hire.


Employee of the month - Oscar Gonzalez - Tuscon, AZ